The Start….

So I thought I would start a blog…and here it is! Having seen other fellow modellers utilize blogs to highlight their modelling work I thought to myself ‘why not’. So here goes…

I recently purchased one of the AndIan Models Turret Tender kits and gives me the perfect opportunity to build something and take you (the reader obviously) along for the ride. But as this is just the opening post, obviously there isn’t going to be an update on how far I’ve got- because there is no progress to speak of.

First update…where to begin???

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3 Responses to The Start….

  1. Phil White says:

    Good luck. The turret tender is a great kit and I’m sure you’ve probably already had a look at Burrowa blog ( already for a great outcome. Mine was less impressive but I’m still happy with the result. Just make sure you use low melt solder.
    cheers Phil

  2. BURROWA says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging and good luck with your projects.Peter

  3. Geoff Hope says:

    Good on you Ben, get your dad to start one too. Hopey

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