A re-boot

I signed up to WordPress with the express aim to create a blog of my modelling exploits quite a number of years ago. It was actually mentioned by a friend of mine, Ian Phemister on his Blog when I did it. http://iansmuswellbrookmerriwa.blogspot.co.uk/ As you can see from the postings available to be viewed, I had incredible success with it and showed soo much of my modelling. Sarcasm is the greatest form of insult. In a vain attempt to re-start my modelling, I thought that actually making an effort with the blog would be a good thing. So here goes.

I should probably outline my life at this point. I don’t live in Australia anymore and I don’t have any modelling tools at my immediate disposal. At this point you’re probably thinking- what?! And yes, I too am somewhat grappling with the decision to re-boot a blog about modelling when the person in charge of said blog hasn’t touched a model in nigh on a year. Why on earth would I choose to do this now? And more to the point, what am I going to write about that would keep you interested?

For you, my widespread and greatly numbered readership, I will impart some knowledge about myself. I quite like imparting and disseminating information to people of various ages and abilities. It is in my nature to do exactly this- teach. So it should come as no surprise then to find out that I am a teacher. The purpose of this blog is to not only to try and hold me accountable (the extent of which will be proven in the coming months), but also to try and teach other modellers some of the skills I’ve learnt, the information I’ve gained and the experiences I’ve had so that you can improve, or at the very least, know how to improve. I’m not saying I’m the clichéd ‘be all and end all’ and I certainly don’t know everything. But as modellers, we implicitly belong to a community, of both shared experience and shared, collective knowledge. Hopefully you’ll find the postings I make amusing, intriguing, engaging and thought provoking.

I should also mention that I’ve finally updated the banner image at the top of this blog. The location- Yass Town. The importance…to be revealed.

Cheerio ol’ chums!

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